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“Breast size,” Volodya distracted me from observing Ai-Petri. - My hundred pro-more cents!

And he rounded his palms, showing what size he saw on stage, while his schoolgirl nun waved her legs. His friend smirked back skeptically

“Agreed,” I slammed my hand on the table. - Serge, now your parameter ?!

- Come on - growth! – his hand shot up and touched the lampshade over the table. - Who is higher - he won!

The lampshade shook, and the yellow spot swept right and left across the green cloth of the table. The tanned faces of the majors for a moment fell under the bright light and lost their expensive gloss - pale, swollen, flattened, with reddened eyes. They probably haven't dried in a week. All return from Thailand are celebrated. Hmm, you might think that they work here, they are tired of tipping glasses of vodka into themselves all day long, hard workers! I discreetly twisted my ankles under the table to stretch my tired legs a little.


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