About The Untold





Everyone has a story...

                                                                                                                                                                                    Each as important as the last.

The aspiration of The Untold is to tell stories in their own dramaticized way to reflect the uniqueness of humanity, while also giving a voice to those that deserve to be heard.  Life is crazy, chaotic, beautiful, sad and full of anger, loneliness, happiness, joy and love. The band strives to convey that entire emotional array through characters that embody the human condition and the world that surrounds it.       


The Untold has cultivated a sound based in technical rock and metal that ranges from blistering riffs and leads, to memorable pop choruses with cinematic enormity and grandeur. Their influences stem from a wide array of genres and bands such as Dream Theater and Killswitch Engage, to Devin Townsend and Gojira, and much more. 

The Untold is a quartet established in Chicago, Illinois. The band formed in 2017 by vocalist and guitarist Luke Dupuis and drummer Alex Kennedy. The duo met in college and were a perfect fit, Dupuis achieving a degree in guitar performance and Kennedy achieving a degree in music business management. They wrote and released their first single “The Lowly Beggar Man” later that year. In 2018, guitarist Cole Dillow and bassist Rob Runnels joined the group just in time to hit the studio to record the band’s first EP, Stories of Life and Death. 


The band began playing regularly in Chicago and the surrounding areas. They took this time to focus on developing their energetic and immersive live show while honing their sound and style for their coming releases.This culminated in an extremely successful headline show at famed Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago in the beginning of 2020.The band shifted their focus to writing for the remainder of the year.


Time and development brought a surge of creativity and collaboration within the band as they created their newest single “The Abandoned”. A natural progression of their sound, “The Abandoned” is a far more polished product as the band learned to be more hands on with their production and more precise in their execution. The band knew this track deserved a thrilling and fascinating visual to match. They began production of their first official music video, which carries a riveting narrative and expertly executed cinematography. 


With the public release of “The Abandoned”, The Untold is on to their next phase. The band is deep into writing, self-recording, and producing their first full length album to be released in 2021. As a follow up to the standalone single “The Abandoned”, this album is sure to enthrall and capture the mind and imagination of those who have a taste for dramatic and powerful music.