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The Untold is a four piece hard rock and progressive metal band based in Chicago Illinois.  The band formed in September of 2017, released their first single The Lowly Beggar Man in December, then continued to release a second single then their debut EP Stories of Life and Death by August of 2018.  The music of The Untold is rooted in hard rock and progressive metal, though the band stays dynamic as they write songs that bridge the gap of the overly technical to the catchier mainstream.  The band is currently working on new material that will be released in Summer of 2019 

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A Deeper Dive Into The Untold

The band's formation in September of 2017 was not a complete one.  From September to early 2018 the band only consisted of Luke Dupuis (guitar and vocals) and Alex Kennedy (drums).  They wrote and rehearsed together at Columbia College Chicago where they both attended, and released their first single in December of '17.  By early spring of 2018 the duo finally found bass player Rob Runnels and guitarist Cole Dillow.  The four piece recorded the band's second single, Stranger which was written by Kennedy and Dupuis during their time as a duo.  In June of 2018 the band began to play on stages and developed an energetic and engaging live show that kept progressing with each performance.  By August the band released their debut EP Stories of Life and Death.  The songs off of the album ranged from thrash prog, to groove metal, to 80's power ballad, to ambient acoustic to pop hard rock and beyond.  The songs are dynamic, though they are cohesive with the sound of The Untold.  The album's lyrics speak to life struggles, the mystery of death and the issues with world around us, all through the theme of storytelling.  Since the EP, the band has continued to play live, write new material and work on the next steps towards playing to a bigger and broader audience.  The band plans to bring their amalgam of influence and sound to the entire world, and looks forward to the future.   

The Untold Live

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