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The Untold Management/Label Proposal

Hello and welcome.  We are The Untold, a band from Chicago, Illinois USA.  We make a mix of powerful, dynamic, technical, catchy, heavy and heart-filled rock and metal.  We have developed our sound and live show over the past four and a half years and are ready to take the next step in our development.

On this page is an unreleased album and video for what will be its first single.  We are seeking help from management or a label (or both) to help us put it out and capitalize on it's release.  We also have "Act Two" of this album currently in the recording process.  We intend to release two or more singles for the first part, then release "Act One", then a two or more singles from the second album, followed by "Act Two".   Once they are both out we will release a deluxe edition with them combined and possibly add a bonus song or two.  Each album is between 32-35 minutes.  As we are a younger band, we believe releasing smaller chunks consistently will be easier to digest and latch on to for new fans, rather than a full LP all at once.  

We expect this should carry us for about a year's worth of rollout and content (possibly more), including things like playthrough videos, additional music videos, in-studio footage, lyric videos, song and album specific merch etc...

Like so many bands our live shows stopped when covid hit, but that that didn't stop our progress.  In the time off of playing in Chicago and the surrounding midwest,  we released a single with a music video and then wrote and recorded and album.  Now that shows are back we are looking to find people that we can work with to bring The Untold to the next level.  We are a dedicated and passionate group hell bent on making recording and touring our full time way of life.  We are looking for a company that is as passionate as we are about our music, and believes as much as we do in the future of the band.  We always shoot as big as possible and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.  We know it's a constant grind of hard work, but hey, it's what we're built for.  Everyone in the band is also in a position where we can drop what we're doing and seize any opportunity that comes our way.

Our main goals for the next couple years is as follows:

-Tours and bigger shows/festivals, both in the US and internationally. 

-Grow our fanbase 

-Sign to management, label and booking agency

-Release these two albums (and the deluxe combined edition) and record  another.

The music of The Untold is rooted in storytelling and building characters around the songs that we create.  We aim to show the connection of all people through the unique and shared experiences that we all have.  Each song sings of a different human experience and condition with a character to represent that condition.  Each song or album will have a group of characters created visually that we can use for branding, marketing and merchandise.   This album as a whole is greatly about mental health and tells the stories of strangers, people we know and ourselves.  The first album deals with troubles bit lighter than the second, with lots of messages of hope and looking forward.  The second album is heavier and darker, dealing with more of the brutally honest pain of these conditions, though it still has our signature glimmer of hope instilled in it.

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we do, and look forward to building our team.  Thank you for your time.

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